Modern Splitting Axes

Modern Splitting Axes Reviewed [2023]

If you are looking for a modern an innovative take of the age-old traditional version of a wood splitting axe, then the below splitting axes are going to be right up your alley.

It is important to note that despite their modern appearance and innovative features, the contemporary takes on the classic wood splitting axe are still designed to efficiently and effectively split wood.

What’s so Different?

Modern splitting axes are designed to split wood of virtually any type and diameter. However, keep in mind they do their best work with straight-grained wood as opposed to spiral-grained wood.

Their bold fire-engine red heads are noticeably different from traditional axe heads. Long gone is the normal concave wedge, which is instead replaced by an uneven oddly curved head.

Don’t worry about durability though, as both axes are constructed with materials that ensure long-lasting use and reliable performance.

Let’s take a closer look at the two different models.

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#1 Truper Leveraxe Fire Wood Splitting Axe

The curve of the axe prevents it from going completely through a log and into your leg or your feet.

Major Features :

  • Length: 35.98 inches
  • Weight: 4.0 pounds
  • High quality steel

The Truper Leveraxe Fire Wood Splitting Axe is a unique and efficient tool for splitting wood, thanks to its innovative design that includes a specially shaped head and a well-balanced hickory handle, providing both functionality and safety during use.

The Truper Leveraxe Fire Wood Splitting Axe is a revolutionary tool that sets itself apart from conventional axes with its innovative design. The axe features a 4-pound head that acts as a lever and makes splitting wood significantly easier. With this new design, splitting wood becomes a faster and more productive task.

The durable axe head is forged from high-quality steel that ensures longevity and durability even with extended use. The Truper Leveraxe’s new head design won’t get stuck inside the wood, which allows you to work more efficiently with less effort. This feature is especially useful for anyone who has ever experienced a stuck axe head, as it saves time and effort.

Also features a hickory wood handle that reduces vibration, making it easier for your arms and back. The comfortable handle provides a secure grip for maximum control during use.

#2 INTERTOOL 35-inch Splitting Maul

The curve of the axe prevents it from going completely through a log and into your leg or your feet.

Major Features :

  • Length: 35.4 inches
  • Weight: 6.6 pounds
  • High quality carbon steel

The INTERTOOL 35-inch Splitting Maul features a 5 lb wedged head for powerful striking force when splitting firewood. The shock-absorbing fiberglass handle has an anti-slip rubber grip and a blade cover is included. Suitable for various outdoor tasks.

The INTERTOOL 35-inch Splitting Maul is a heavy-duty wood splitter designed for excellent striking force and control when splitting rounds or logs for firewood. Its 5-pound wedged, convex grind head is made of sharpened carbon steel, reinforced with heat-treated steel and coated with an anti-corrosive coating to prevent rust and wear.

The maul’s poll side can be used for driving wedges and stakes, making it suitable for bonfire prep, camping, landscaping, and many other outdoor tasks. The shock-eliminating handle is made of tough, lightweight fiberglass that effectively absorbs impact shock and includes grip-textured rubber for a non-slip performance. It is also brightly colored for quick identification when outdoors and includes a hang hole for easy storing.

This extra motion is because that in the new design, the center of gravity is slightly off to the side. This innovation makes it easier to chop smaller pieces of wood while further reducing the amount of effort required. With a total tool weight of 6.6 pounds and a total length of 35.4 inches, this maul provides one strike power, making wood splitting almost effortless.

NTERTOOL stands behind their product and is always available to quickly resolve any issue and answer to your needs. Whether you’re a professional woodcutter or an amateur looking for an efficient wood splitter, the INTERTOOL Splitting Maul is a reliable choice.

In Summary

After reading this review, you should quickly realize that both the Truper Leveraxe and the INTERTOOL Splitting Maul are unlike any other wood splitting axe you’ve ever seen. They are a modern innovation on a traditional tool.

Both axes come with an almost 36-inch handle, which not only provides increased kinetic energy when compared to the overall length of most tradition splitting axes, but also serves as a safety feature. In the rare occasions when you miss the log, the trajectory of the handle guides the axe to strike the ground rather than hitting your leg or foot.

And, it’s not only function that’s different. The handles are painted black and red so the axes can easily be spotted, even if you set it down where there’s thick undergrowth.

As with all other products from Truper Herramientas from Mexico & Intertool from Ukraine (the manufacturer), you can rely on both axes for durability and excellent craftsmanship. Long distinguished as a leading manufacturers of cast metal products, these companies have channeled their efforts to produce heavy-duty axe heads.

Another common trait shared by both axes is that their beautifully painted heads are matched and expertly attached with an equally rugged handle that effectively absorbs vibrations and operates normally even at low temperatures.

The appealing designs of both axes came as a result of careful design and testing with refinements at every stage. If you’re looking to modernize your wood splitting without having to go powered, you’ll definitely want to check out one of these two very interesting and worthy splitting axes.

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