About Us

My name is Kazi and I want to thank you for visiting my website. I decided to write about axes because over the last few years I realized how much I missed the outdoors. I grew up in a family that spend a lot of summers camping or taking road trips. We didn’t have a lot of money, so we pitched tents instead of renting cabins, fished and hunted when possible, and just tried to be as much of a part of nature as possible. But, when I got older, and went to college, my life got more and more attached to the chair, desk, computer, office world. It took almost a decade before I went to visit an old college friend for an impromptu ice fishing trip that I realized just how much I missed the outdoors lifestyle. It wasn’t easy, but I started putting a lot more effort into taking weekend trips and hitting local lakes and stream after work for quick fishing sessions. I needed to force myself to remember that life outside of four walls and in front of a screen exists. I’d love to have a ginormous website about all things outdoors, but I’m only one man, and I still have a job. I figured focusing on one cool thing would be a good start. And, what’s cooler than axes? If there’s one thing that says, “I am connected to the Earth, the soil, the trees, and nature” it’s an axe. With an axe you can get wood for a fire, get lumber for a cabin, and even get materials to craft fishing or hunting gear. The axe is one of humankind’s most underappreciated inventions.So, I made this site, Axe and Answered, to give a little back to the axe for all that it has given to me.