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3 Best Husqvarna Splitting Mauls Reviewed [2023]

You can’t talk about splitting mauls without mentioning the manufacturer, Husqvarna. The Husqvarna Group is actually a Swedish company that’s over 300 years old.

They are very well known for making powered outdoor products like chainsaws and lawn mowers & tractors. But, they also make some extremely high quality axes and mauls, as you are about to find out.

There are three main Husqvarna splitting axes in their lineup. Click on the link below to read each specific Husqvarna axe review, scroll down to read them all, or check out this video which covers the basics such as length & weight before you decide, which axe you’re interested in.

Husqvarna Wood Splitting Maul

The 30-inch Husqvarna splitting maul is one of the best mauls on the market both in terms of heft and durability.

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Comparison Table

Image Model Weight (lbs) Length (in) A&A Rating Shop Now
Husqvarna Wood Splitting Maul
Husqvarna Wood Splitting Maul 5 30
Shop Now
Husqvarna Wooden Multi Purpose Axe
Husqvarna Wooden Multi-Purpose Axe 2.1 26
Shop Now
Husqvarna Splitting Small Axe
Husqvarna Splitting Axe, Small 2.75 20
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#1 Husqvarna Wood Splitting Maul

The small Husqvarna wood splitting axe is considered to be one of the best splitting axes in its price range by reviewers.

Major Features :

  • Length: 20 inches
  • Weight: 2.75 pounds
  • Hand forged steel

Because of its well-engineered and efficient design. The neatly designed hickory handle comes untreated, which some consider to be a plus because that makes it easy to apply linseed oil or beeswax.


There’s no need to buy a big axe when a small one will do the job, equally well, or even better. So, when splitting lighter firewood, the small Husqvarna splitting axe is your best bet. The finely forged steel head is designed to easily split wood into kindling. With this axe, splitting wood requires minimal effort and the small size makes it easy for the chopper to grip it with one hand.

At a length of 20 inches and weighing less than three pounds, this small axe the right size to keep by your wood stove for splitting kindling. It’s lighter and easier to swing than a larger ax and yet has just the right heft to cut oak, locust and cherry cord-wood.

The head of the axe is securely attached to the handle with both a wooden and steel wedge. And, the axe comes with a leather edge cover to protect the blade when not in use.
This is the right axe for kindling needs.

#2 Husqvarna Wooden Multi-Purpose Axe

The axe's light weight makes it ideal for cutting hardwood.

Major Features :

  • Length: 30 inches
  • Weight: 5 pounds
  • Hand forged steel

Weighing in at five pounds, the multipurpose axe can split some medium-sized logs in a single blow, while others may require a blow or two. The longer hickory handle adds power to your splitting swing but definitely requires a two-handed grip. With a beautifully crafted hand-forged steel head and solid handle, Husqvarna’s large wood splitting axe is designed to last.


For splitting larger pieces of wood into chunks or malleable pieces, you may need the larger Husqvarna wood splitting axe. A splitting axe is designed to split wood along the grain rather than cut it, and with its finely honed tapered head, that’s just what this large axe does. The head of the larger axe is also securely attached to the handle with both a wooden and steel wedge and it comes with a leather edge cover.

This is the Husqvarna splitting axe to buy if you want to split medium-sized logs for firewood.

#3 Husqvarna Splitting Axe, Small

The 26-inch Husqvarna is a durable and functional cutting tool, designed to deliver precise cuts for a variety of tasks, making it a top contender on the market.

Major Features :

  • Length: 26 inches
  • Weight: 2.1 pounds
  • Hand forged steel

The Wooden Multi-Purpose Axe is a powerful and versatile tool that delivers clean and precise cuts through medium-sized logs and branches. Its traditional-style design and high-quality materials make it a reliable and long-lasting investment for homeowners and landowners. With a slightly curved grip and long handle for proper leverage, this multi-purpose axe is a must-have for anyone looking to tackle yard work and other cutting tasks.


The Wooden Multi-Purpose Axe is a versatile and powerful tool that is perfect for homeowners and landowners who need to do some serious tree felling, log limbing, branch trimming, and clearing bushes. This single-bit axe is designed in traditional style and features high-quality materials that ensure its durability and longevity.

One of the standout features of this axe is its powerful cut. The slightly curved grip and long handle provide the proper leverage and power for each swing, making it easy to get through even the toughest of logs and branches. The head is attached to the hickory shaft using both a wooden and steel wedge to secure fastening, ensuring that the head stays firmly in place even after repeated use.

Safety is also a top priority with this axe. It comes with a Husqvarna leather edge cover to protect the blade and prevent accidents from occurring. The cover is easy to slip on and off and provides added protection for the user.

Overall, the Wooden Multi-Purpose Axe is a reliable and high-quality tool that can handle a wide range of tasks. Its durable construction and powerful cut make it a great investment for anyone who needs to do some serious wood chopping. Whether you’re a seasoned lumberjack or a homeowner looking to tackle some yard work, this axe is sure to get the job done.

If you’re planning to work on wide range of task, this axe is the choice for you.

In Summary

This 300+ year-old Swedish company makes a splitting axe sized for whatever your needs are. The 20-inch one hander is perfect for small jobs, the 30-inch large axe is great for medium to large jobs, and the 26-inch medium axe is for wide range of tasks.

No matter which of the three you choose, you know you are getting high quality hand forged steel heads with strong hickory handles. You’ll have no problem slicing through logs like a hot knife through butter

The best part about all three of the above choices is that they have a reputation of being worth well more than the sticker price. You’ll get far more than your money’s worth out of each of three three fine pieces of Swedish craftsmanship.

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