Best Hudson Bay Axes

5 Best Hudson Bay Axes Reviewed [2023]

By now, you should know what makes a Hudson Bay axe so awesome. Even still, it can be tough to narrow it down when there are so many choices out there.

Here, we present 5 Hudson Bay axe reviews to make your decision easier! From specifications to pros and cons, our Hudson bay axe reviews cover everything you need to know about each product.

Council Tool Hudson Bay Camp Axe (24″)

The Council Tool Hudson Bay Camp Axe speaks to Council Tool’s quality craftsmanship. From the steel to the wood, the company only uses grade A American materials.

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Hudson Bay Axe Review Chart

Image Model Weight (lbs) Length (in) A&A Rating Shop Now
Council Tool Hudson Bay Camp Axe
Council Tool Hudson Bay Camp Axe (24″) 4.45 24
Shop Now
Snow & Nealley Hudson Bay Axe
Snow & Nealley Hudson Bay Axe 2.6 24
Shop Now
Hudson Bay Camp Axe
Council Tool (2) Hudson Bay Camp Axe 5 18
Shop Now
Hudson Bay Camping Axe
Hudson Bay Camping Axe 3 23
Shop Now
Council Tool Hudson Bay Camp Axe
Council Tool Hudson Bay Camp Axe (18″) 2.6 18
Shop Now

#1 Council Tool Hudson Bay Camp Axe (24″)

The Council Tool Hudson Bay Camp Axe speaks to Council Tool’s quality craftsmanship. From the steel to the wood, the company only uses grade A American materials.

Major Features :

  • Total weight: 4.45 pounds
  • Handle length: 24 inches
  • Head material: 5160-grade alloy steel
  • Handle material: hickory
  • Head weight: 2 pounds

Its manufacturers use beautiful hickory for the handle. The traditional pattern and design of the handle make it comfortable to hold and pleasant to look at. It also has a linseed oil coating to protect against wear and tear.

The axe head is just as well-crafted, if not better. The company uses 5160-grade alloy steel, and after treating the bit, you’re left with a final hardness of Rc 52-56. The sharpness makes for an axe that cuts great and maintains safety. Like with the handle, the head has a coating to ensure its longevity.

The length is perhaps our favorite feature. As it’s not too long and not too short, this product from Council Tool is the Goldilocks of Hudson Bay axes. You can complete smaller jobs while easily storing and carrying it.


  • Beautiful hickory handle with linseed oil coating
  • Sharp, high-quality cutting edge
  • Perfect length for cutting and portability


  • You may need to apply more linseed oil to the handle if you use it frequently

#2 Snow & Nealley Hudson Bay Axe

Considering its price point and all of its great features, this option from Snow & Nealley is our pick for the best value Hudson Bay axe.

Major Features :

  • Total weight: 2.6 pounds
  • Handle length: 24 inches
  • Head material: fine grain steel
  • Handle material: hickory
  • Head weight: 1.75 pounds

Even though Snow & Nealley isn’t as well-known of a brand as others from our Hudson Bay axe reviews, but its products are of high-quality. The company previously outsourced some of its materials, but it now makes its products 100% in the U.S.

With this Hudson Bay axe, you get a quality 24-inch hickory handle that’s perfect for most small tasks. The head consists of strong fine grain steel that you can cover with the included genuine leather sheath.

When you first use it, the blade may not seem as sharp as others. It is likely the company does this for safety reasons when it comes to transportation. You can easily sharpen the blade (as you would have to eventually anyway), and it stays sharp through many uses. So, if you want to get the most bang for your buck, this product from Snow & Nealley is your go-to.


  • 24-inch hickory handle suitable for cutting branches, splitting small logs, etc.
  • Lightweight enough for camping, etc.
  • Strong blade made of fine grain steel


  • You may need to sharpen it once you receive it in the mail

#3 Council Tool (2) Hudson Bay Camp Axe

On a budget but need a Hudson Bay axe that will just get the job done? The Council Tool #2 option from Council Tool is for you.

Major Features :

  • Total weight: 5 pounds
  • Handle length: 18 inches
  • Head material: steel
  • Handle material: hickory
  • Head weight: 2 pounds

This product is small but mighty. With an 18-inch handle, it is great for light chopping and splitting, putting in tent pegs, etc. Because it’s shorter than a standard 24-inch handle, the Council Tool #2 is a “one-handed camp axe.” If you are used to using two hands, this might be a bit of an adjustment.

The Council Tool #2 performs great because of its reliable steel head, which is securely attached to the handle (thanks to hydraulic sealing and a traditional double wedge system). This product is definitely a safe bet if you are looking for a cheap, reliable product.


  • Compact design great for small tasks
  • Easy to store and take on-the-go
  • Hydraulic sealing and a traditional double wedge system attach head to handle


  • You will most likely only be able to use it one-handed

#4 Hudson Bay Camping Axe

Here we have yet another reliable product from Snow & Nealley: The Hudson Bay Camping Axe.

Major Features :

  • Total weight: 3 pounds
  • Handle length: 23 inches
  • Head material: high-carbon steel
  • Handle material: hickory
  • Head weight: Unknown

You really can’t beat this tool’s high-carbon steel blade. It will cut through some of the tougher woods, and you can cover it with the included leather blade guard.

The 23-inch handle is interesting as the standard tends to be 24 inches, but the missing inch doesn’t make much of a difference. It’s super convenient for typical cutting and chopping tasks. With its features and affordable price point, this axe is great for campers everywhere.


  • Tough high-carbon steel blade
  • Ergonomic, aesthetically pleasing hickory handle
  • Almost-standard length makes it easy to use


  • Some products use poor-quality outsourced materials; make sure you buy from a reputable seller
  • Unknown head weight

#5 Council Tool Hudson Bay Camp Axe (18″)

With its 18-inch handle, the 18-inch Hudson Bay Camp Axe from Council Tool comes a little closer to more versatile axes.

Major Features :

  • Total weight: 2.6 pounds
  • Handle length: 18 inches
  • Head material: steel with black enamel coating
  • Handle material: hickory
  • Head weight: 2 pounds

Because it is sturdier and offers more power, it can take on bigger and tougher pieces of wood. It has a reliable cutting edge, coated in clear lacquer to prevent rust. The head has a black enamel coating for further protection.

The sealed head and tapered bit and interior detail of the eye make for strong, reliable cuts. This product is great if you’re looking for something a little more versatile.


  • Versatile for camping, hunting, and other sport and utility tasks
  • Comfortable grip with a curved wooden handle
  • Black enamel coating on the head


  • May be too small for heavy-duty chopping tasks

Like other axes, this style consists of a handle, which is traditionally wooden, and a steel axe head. The head is shaped into a single bit, meaning there’s only one cutting surface.

The medium sized handle generally runs between 22 and 28 inches in length. Most high-quality axes will use a hickory handle, but don’t let another wood type turn you away if the craftsmanship is excellent.

Many frequent users of this type of axe like a handle that has a lanyard hole. This is due to where and how those that prefer using this axe style typically work.

Wielders of this 3/4 size axe are often found on trails or in dense forrest areas thick with underbrush. If you’re clearing a trail, felling a sapling, taking branches down, or doing other small tasks, you’re probably doing so in fairly confined space.

When working or hiking in such a space, it’s all too easy to get your gear caught on bushes and branches. If you have a heavy load, you might not even realize if you drop something or if a piece of gets caught on a branch. A lanyard helps to assure you don’t unknowingly lose your handy trail axe.

Axes are like any other type of tool you might considering buying. There are many different brands that each come with their own varying levels of quality. From types of steel used to the level of overall craftsmanship, some brands tend to have a better reputation than others. However, it’s never a bad idea to take other users’ reviews into consideration and not solely rely on any preconceived brand reputations you may have.

Some common and popular brands you may have heard of or may discover while shopping are:

  • Snow and Nealley
  • Husqvarna
  • Council Tool
  • Wetterlings
  • Helko

There’s no best brand so as long as you find a Hudson Bay axe that fits within your budget, both short and long-term, and it gets the job you need done well, then you can feel safe with your choice.

If you have never purchased an axe online before, it’s important to understand that though the edge of the bit may be ground well, it might not come as sharp as you’d like. Many axe bits require a bit of extra sharpening, so ordering an axe sharpening tool at the same time as your order your axe is strongly suggested.

Also, some of the lower priced axe handles may not be to your liking. But, that is very much a personal preference as some people prefer a very natural feel and others like a little finish to the handle. Again, this is where reading some reviews comes into play.

But, don’t let a finished handle turn you off if you like unfinished handles. A little sand paper and some elbow grease go a long way.

In Summary

Whether you’re camping, taking down some branches, or cleaning up a trail, a 3/4-sized Hudson Bay axe is the perfect choice. It’s a little smaller and lighter, so it’s easy to take on short hikes as well as on extended outdoors trips. But, it’s also great for any kind of utility work around the house if you live in a more rural setting.

We hope our Hudson Bay axe reviews help you with picking which is best for your personal needs!

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