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3 Best Folding Saws Reviewed [2023]

One tool the Axe & Answered team love is the axe of course, but it’s not the only useful tool out there. One of those useful tools is a folding saw.

They are typically easier to store and carry than an axe or hatchet due to the blade that folds into the handle. They might take a little longer to get the job done, depending on the task at hand, but their small size and light weight might be more of an advantage for you than the sheer power of an axe.

The reviews below go into the finer details of each saw, but if you’re in a rush check out the Quick Chart directly below.

Bahco 396-LAP Laplander

The Bahco Laplander is a near-perfect folding saw. It’s versatile, functional, and reliable. What else could you ask for?

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Comparison Table

Image Model Blade length (in) A&A Rating Shop Now
Bahco 396-LAP Laplander Folding Saw
Bahco 396-LAP Laplander 7
Shop Now
Corona Clipper
Corona Clipper 10
Shop Now
EverSaw 8.0 Folding Saw
EverSaw 8.0 8
Shop Now

#1 Bahco 396-LAP Laplander

The Bahco Laplander is a near-perfect folding saw. It's versatile, functional, and reliable. What else could you ask for?

Major Features :

  • 7-inch blade
  • Stainless steel blade
  • Stays sharp
  • Plastic handle

This is a multi-purpose saw. So, if you are trekking through a dense jungle full of green vegetation or the Alaskan wilderness in the winter with nothing but snow and dried timber in your way, the Laplander will do the job.

Major Features

It’s a simple folding design, so there’s not much to worry about. The sturdy blade nests in the two-piece plastic handle when not in use.

It’s the most popular model of the Bahco folding saws and knives. But, their other models are solid too and well worth checking out as well.

Features include:

Safety Lock – Whether you have the 7-inch blade in the open or closed position, you can lock it in place.
Grip & Strap – The plastic handle makes it easy to grip, but it also includes a leather strap to ensure you never drop it.
Stainless Steel – The stainless steel blade is durable and looks great.


  • Quick & Easy - It clears branches and cuts down small trees with minimal effort.
  • Retains Sharpness - It does not require sharpening between each usage.


  • Size - It's on the smaller end of the size spectrum when compared to a lot of other folding saws, which is a problem for certain users.

#2 Corona Clipper

The Corona Clipper is a great bang-for-your-buck kind of folding saw. It's a real workhorse that isn't going to bleed you dry (financially).

Major Features :

  • 10-inch blade
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Sturdy blade
  • Durable

This saw was designed with a gun pistol type grip to make it very easy to hold and keep a firm handle on. As the Corona works through wood extremely easily, you'll quickly grow to appreciate the grip.

Major Features

The Clipper’s 10-inch blade is made of high quality high carbon Japanese SK5 steel. It nests inside a slightly longer and very comfortable handle.

It’s a straight forward tool without a lot of bells & whistles, but don’t think of that as a turn off. You get a solid tool that does the job you need it to do –nothing more and nothing less.

Features include:

Lots of Teeth – The blade contains 6 teeth per inch, so you get a lot of efficiency out of each stroke.
Extra Blades – While extra, you can easily get ahold of replacement blades should you need them.
Warranty – The Corona comes with a limited lifetime warranty from the manufacturer.


  • A Sturdy Blade - Some smaller saws tend to come with flimsy blades. But, this is a rather sturdy blade you don't had to be overly gentle with.
  • Durability - The high carbon steel is very durable and keeps an edge for a fair amount of time.


  • Not Great with Wet Wood - Due to how the teeth are arranged, working with wet and damp would can make the saw bind after a few strokes.

#3 EverSaw 8.0

The EverSaw 8.0 is very popular all-purpose folding hand saw. It looks great and works even better.

Major Features :

  • 8-Inch blade
  • Strong blade
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Handles almost any job

The blade on the EverSaw is able to handle most tasks up to 4 inches in diameter. It's not only good for quickly chewing through wood though, as you can also use it on PVC pipe and even bone.

Major Features

It’s a mid-sized option with an 8-inch blade that is neither too large nor too small. And, as the blade nests completely within the handle when closed, it’s very safe.

It has a non-slip grip handle that you’re sure to appreciate as it’s also very comfortable.

Features include:

Alligator Teeth – This little bad boy has a whopping 9 teeth per inch. It can do some serious cutting fast.
Efficient Blade – The blade is both strong and efficient. It’s not coating so it allows for smooth strokes while cutting.
Warranty – Includes a lifetime manufacturers warranty.


  • Sharpness - The blade is externally sharp right from the get go and keeps its edge very well.
  • Get 'er Done - This folding saw can handle almost any job you throw at it up until it's time to switch to a chainsaw.


  • Manufacturing -It's not made to the minimum quality that some people expect, though it's still a fine tool.

When a trail axe won’t work for you, a folding saw might. But, as all tools are concerned, not all saws are the same.

One of the very first parts of the saw you’ll want to check out if the blade. Is the length suitable for your needs? Does the blade have small teeth or large teeth?

If you’ll be using your saw for long hikes you’ll also want to take the weight into consideration. When you’re trekking long distances, every ounce matters.

Some folding saws also come with very useful carrying cases. Does the saw you are looking at include one? Is it waterproof?

All of the above questions should help you decide which is the best folding saw for your particular needs.

Additional Useful Information

Whether you are looking for a good folding saw for camping, back packing, or just general landscaping, any of the above options should do the job.

However, you may want to keep in mind that if you’re going on a long trek, a small lightweight saw will keep your load light. If you plan on only using it around your home, a longer blade is probably going to be more efficient.

If you are a heavy user you may also want to make sure it’s easy to replace the blade as although all three of the folding saws reviewed here have durable blades, they aren’t impervious to breaks.

In Summary

A folding hand saw is a great utility tool. It lacks the raw power of an axe, but it’s still extremely useful for quickly and efficiently pruning and clean up branches.

Whichever model you eventually settle on, as long as you choose the best folding hand saw for your particular needs, you will be happy with your purchase.

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