3 Ways to Pass Time Around a Campfire

pass time around campfire
June 10, 2023

Camping is a great way to get the family away from the hustle and bustle of your regular life. Spending some time outdoors instead of in the office or at a school desk can really relieve a lot of built up stress. And, getting away from all of the screens, like your computer, tablet, smartphone, and even your TV helps you remember there’s much more to the world than social media or the current news cycle.

However, when you are so used to having movies on demand or YouTube to cure your boredom, it’s easy to forget how to entertain yourself without all of today’s tech gadgets. You might not be sure how to pass all of that free time you have while hanging out around your campfire.

Time Tested Campfire Activities for the Whole Family

Here are three old but still very reliable campfire activities good for children and adults alike.

Scope the Stars

When you live in an urban environment and are immersed in the high tech world, it’s all too common to spend most of you day with your head buried in a spreadsheet, email box, or something similar. But, how often do you take the time to look up?

Even if you do look up during the evening, the ambient light from cities can completely wipe out your view of all the amazing sites the night sky has to offer.

Taking time to appreciate the night sky when you’re sitting around a fire enjoying fresh air is a great way to pass some time. You can try and point out any constellations if you know any. Or, you can just try and make your own.

S’mores it Up

When you are through with scanning the sky for stars, planets, and UFOs, it might be time to enjoy a traditional campfire snack. That snack is of course s’mores.

If you have been living under a rock and have no clue what s’mores are, they are maybe the most delicious dessert known to human kind. They are rather simple to make and only consist of three ingredients: graham crackers, marshmallow, and chocolate.

All you need to do is place the chocolate and marshmallow in between two graham crackers like a sandwich. Then, roast it over your campfire until the marshmallow starts to soften and melt.

The hardest part is to remember packing the ingredients before you leave for your camping trip.

Get Ghosting

Last but certainly not least, after you spent some time admiring the heavens and then took care of your sweet tooth with some s’mores, it’s time for the traditional campfire ghost stories. Again, this is not a novel concept, but it’s tried and true and never fails.

There’s just something about being outdoors along with the flickering light from your fire that sets the perfect ambiance for some ghostly tales. You can of course make them age appropriate, so if you are with your family and there are younger children present, you can Disney them up, but if it’s all adults, feel free to go as deep and dark as you can.

If you aren’t a super creative person, you will probably want to prepare beforehand. But don’t fret, there are tons of great ghost stories for when sitting by a campfire available all over the web.

In Summary

Some of the best campfire activities for when you are spending time camping with your family or friends are the same ones that people have been enjoying for decades. They make use of your natural surroundings as well as the fire itself, and are all things that don’t really work the same anywhere else.

There’s nothing complicated about any of the above activities. Just make sure you do some planning so you have everything you need to make them successful.

Happy trails!

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